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10 tips for Networking at an Event

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1. Resist the urge to arrive late.

2. Ask easy questions.

 3. Ditch the sales pitch.

4. Share your passion not your product.

5. Smile.

6. Don’t hijack the conversation.

7. Remember to follow up.

8. Always give out 2 business cards.

9. Ask what is a good referral is for them.

10. Talk more about them and less about you.

Doing More with More

networking circleToday we are all faced with doing more with less.  Joining a Networking Group is just the opposite it is all about doing more with more. Yes when you join a Networking group it is like adding more people to your sales force with no additional cost. Every week you will have the opportunity to work with other people wanting to build their business and help you build yours. Every group usually has 20 to 30 people in the group that is 20 to 30 more people looking for opportunities for you!  If you are not a member call one of our groups listed on this site and see how your business grows this year!!

What to do after your networking event

Recently I went to a networking event and as usual I met a few people I did not know and ran in to a few old friends.  Getting back to the basics I decided to send out emails to everyone that I had collected a business card from that night( something we all know we should do but few do) and within the next week I had 3 people email me back and ask me to meet with them and discuss my service.   I know if you are like most you collect business cards at all the events you go to and if you are like most you have a big stack in your draw somewhere.  MAKE YOURSELF STAND OUT every time you go to a networking event make it a practice to reach out through a phone call, an email or a thank you note to everyone you get a business card form and see how people respond I think you will be happy with the results


When you go to a Networking function go with a plan

When you go to a Networking function remember it is time to work and have a good time not just have a good time. Go with a plan.  Plan how many people you will meet, set a goal to get at least 3 new business cards from people you do not know.  Remember this is not the time to sell your product or service this is the time to start a relations ship.  Send a note or call the people you meet within 72 hours to tell them thank you and to find out what a good referral is for them so you can keep your eyes and ears open for people you know who could use their product or service.  By doing this you yourself will build a network of people who will start to know you, like you and want to do business with you.

Things every person in a networking group should know

How to deliver a powerful commercial

How to give a great 10 minute presentation

How to build a power team

How to help build your membership

Questions you should ask in a one to one

The more you build your networking skills the better it is for you and your networking group!!

6 Reasons to join a Networking Group

  1. They work!!
  2. Building relationships.
  3. Opportunities are shared that are not always made public.
  4. Input from other likeminded professionals.
  5. When you surround yourself with others successful people you both grow.
  6. Motivation, sometimes you just need to know you’re not alone as a business owner.

How Many $$$ is a Networking group worth to your Business

Last year networking Referral group’s generated over 7.9 million referrals resulting in $4.1 billion dollars’ worth of business for its members worldwide are you a member of a networking group? Why not? Most Networking groups will allow you to visit twice before making a commitment to join visit one today and find out how they can help you grow your business.

10 Reasons for Joining a Networking Group

1. Make new relationships

2. Promote and raise awareness of your business;

3. Access support and advice;

4. Be inspired by other business owners

5. Learn new tips and tools;

6. Develop new ideas and solve problems

7. Increase your motivation;

8. Receive regular updates on relevant events and news which impacts on your business development;

9. Grow your personal and professional skills

10. Help your business grow and help others grow their business

Helping your Business Grow

Joining a Networking group will help you grow your business and your personal skills.  Learning public speaking skills, communication shills and relationship building skill all very important in your personal and professional development.

The Purpose

This site is to help people connect with other people and businesses in Pueblo who can ether use their service or refer them to someone who can.